Rotobec is Expanding!

It’s been a busy year in the Littleton Industrial Park, and Rotobec broke ground on a 23,000-square-foot expansion last summer, adding to the flurry of business activity. The Quebec-based manufacturer of grapples and material handlers was founded in 1975 and set up shop in Littleton in 1986.

Rotobec’s Littleton plant employs 21 people and serves as both production facility and the U.S. distribution center of Rotobec products. The expansion, which will triple the size of Rotobec’s Littleton building, will allow the company to manufacture complete knuckle-boom loaders here. It will also lead an additional 25-30 manufacturing jobs in Littleton.

Tender Corp, a mainstay of the Littleton Industrial Park, is growing!

Tender Corporation, founded in 1973, completed a new 117,250-square-foot facility that will enable it to consolidate and streamline operations and allow space for future expansion.

Manufacturers of the well-known AfterBite® insect bite treatment, along with insect repellents, first-aid products, and burn remedies, Tender employs 145 people. The company’s new building in the Industrial Park will allow Tender to consolidate three separate facilities into a single location and provide potential for creating additional product lines, further automation of manufacturing, and expanded production capabilities.

In standard Littleton fashion, the Tender Corps move has been something of a community effort, with LIDC president Greg Eastman, local business leaders Val Poulsen and Dan Hebert, and Mike Norman of Horizons Engineering all helping to make the move – and business growth – happen. For more about Tender Corporation, visit

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